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FORGIVE & FORGET – Extremely powerful Spell to make someone forgive & forget FOREVER!

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** Real Spell Cast Just For You **


Here is another wonderful spell from our great Grimoire.

Lies ~ Betrayal ~ Hurt

This Spell Cast will REMOVE the hurt, Pave the way for FORGIVENESS to take place, HEAL the wounds of the past & its effects and RELEASE anger allowing common sense to step in.

…This cast will HEAL even the most difficult situations.

~ So mote it be ~

What I will need from you…

Please provide me with yours & your targets full names, dates of birth (if known) and the name of the town / city that you both live in.

A brief decryption about your situation would also be useful.

This spell REALLY works!

The results provoked by this spell have a permanent effect enabling you and your target to finally move forward. You will not find a stronger Forgiveness Spell than this!

Don't waste anymore time!

Allow me to perform this ancient ritual to make HIM / HER forgive you!

Buy it now!!

Your casting:

I use herbs, incense, and other items to perform this incredible spell. Gathering these items and performing this ritual takes me just under an hour.

This Spell can be strengthened through repetition. If you would like me to perfrom this casting more than once please increase your quantity of this spell (during checkout) to match the number of castings you would like.


*1 =1 casting

**2=2 castings

***3=3 castings

****4=4 castings

Every repetition of the spell will increase its potential power.

Your Obligation:

In order for this spell to work properly you must have total faith in your casting/s.

I look forward to working with you!

~ Believe & Receive ~

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Product Description

Extremely powerful “Forgiveness” spell. Make them forgive & forget…FOREVER!!

1 review for FORGIVE & FORGET – Extremely powerful Spell to make someone forgive & forget FOREVER!

  1. 4 out of 5


    If it had not been effective the other stuff would not have happened, so it did work

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